5 Tips for editing your Market profile

People want to know more about your market!

Even before beginning, you are almost done! To complete your profile, simply use the login information provided in your introduction email.

1. Change your password

In Account Settings, change your password to something you remember. The one we gave you was just temporary.

2. Confirm all your market details are correct…especially the map marker.

We captured your details when you were recommended to us, but they may not be exactly right...we did our best. Check that your website, email, address and open days and hours are all correct. Change and add images if you want.

For your location, check that the map marker for your profile is in the right place. You can move it around simply by dragging it and dropping it in its exact location. All mapping in Soil Mate will then go to that marker location, making Soil Mate the most accurate mapping system online for farms and farmers' markets.

3. Tell/Expand your Story

It’s likely we captured some information about your market, but add in any extra information you can that would be helpful to consumers. Add in events, add in blogs if you write them, feed in your facebook page (if we haven't already) add in images and videos. Build your story...visitors are interested you know…

4.  Share Soil Mate with your vendors

There are tips below on how to share Soil Mate with your vendors. Soil Mate is a community and the more farms, farmers’ markets and wineries listed on the site, the more visitors will use it and the more business for all. Plus your vendors can add your market to their profile and create the perfect loop between them and you.

Tips on how to share with your vendors can be found at www.soilmate.com/tips-sharing-soil-mate-with-vendors

5. Tell everyone else!

Share Soil Mate with everyone you know, through Social Media, emails, word of mouth…heck telephone some people if you like! Help us grow and influence more local purchases in our communities.


Our message is simple, know your farmer, know your food. Markets a crucial piece of this as you are the most convenient place for people to find local product. Soil Mate just helps by letting consumers know exactly who, when and what will be sold there. You are the leaders of the Local Food Movement, let us support you.