About Us

Soil Mate is an organization looking to push forward the local food and drink message. We believe that it is essential to all aspects of health, community and sustainability that we reconnect with the origins of our food and drink, and understand how and where it is grown, and by whom. The message is simple: know your farmer, know your food.

Community is at the centre of everything Soil Mate does. We want to further educate and foster the connection between consumers and their local farmers, raisers and producers. The aim is for communities to become as self-sustaining as possible, and reconnect people with the options within their local area. It is also important to educate both adults and children about where their food and drink comes from and how it is produced, as in general society and particularly with younger generations, there is a clear disconnect with where the food that magically appears in stores comes from, how it is grown, and by whom.

Local farmers, raisers and producers are central to this and Soil Mate is working with them to develop tools and products to help market local farms. The aim is to allow communities easy access to know what their local farmers grow, how they grow it, and when we can get it. Soil Mate aims to close the loop, making farmers more accessible and prominent in communities and keeping consumers more informed of their available choices. 

Soil Mate launched in May 2014 with Farms and Farmers’ Markets. It took just 6 months for Soil Mate to have listings in every state in the US and every province in Canada. With thousands of listings, and thousands of consumers using the site each week to find local food and drink producers. Soil Mate is growing rapidly. Early in 2015 Soil Mate expanded its system to allow the listing and connection of locally sourcing stores and restaurants, associations, wineries, breweries, and other drink categories. With the addition of these options, Soil Mate covers the whole local food and drink economy, from planting to plating and pouring.

Soil Mate has been featured in media across Canada and the US, in publications such as Huffington Post, CBC, Global, Shaw, plus many more.

In February 2015, Soil Mate was named the winner of 'Best Concept in BC' out to the provinces 50,000+ small business. 

If you would like to contact Soil Mate to discuss potential ideas and partnerships, please contact us.