15 uses for eggshells that will really surprise you

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15 uses for eggshells that will really surprise you

October 14 is World Egg Day and it's the perfect excuse for us to tell you more about eggshells !  Who knew that they could be so EGGSceptionally useful? Read on for 15 EGGScellent ways to use them, complete with helpful EGGSplanations!

1. Cake

This is a truly side-splitting joke to play on someone, or as an EGGStra-special treat for an Easter breakfast. If you want to make these beautifully unusual cakes, follow the instructions from realFood.Tesco.com.

2. Tealights

They would make a wonderful colourful display for Easter time, although I’m sure they’d be welcome on windowsills and tables, any time of the year.

3. Herb garden

Why not make a little herb garden by using old egg shells? Give them a quick wash, fill them with a little soil and your chosen seeds. Keep the shells by a sunny window and watch them grow. Learn how by visitingsmallfriendly.com – it will be such an EGGciting project!

4. Brownies

Why bake a brownie in a boring old tray? Go a little crazy and cook them inside an egg shell instead. Check out laRecetaDeLaFelicidad.com for all the details – they’d make a truly EGGceptional present for someone.

5. Bird feed


SmellLikeDirt have created this brilliant tutorial on how to prepare egg shells as bird feed. You’ll be helping birds to get calcium in their diet which will in turn, help strengthen their bones and egg shells.

6. Fertiliser

Give your eggshells a good clean in warm water and then crush them into small pieces – your soil will gladly receive all that precious calcium. For more information on home composting, check out our article Fall into Composting this Season. 

7. Mosaic frame

Feeling like creating something EGGStreme? Make a beautiful mosaic picture frame with leftover eggshells! This will make a beautiful gift or present for yourself. You can find some helpful instructions on how to make your own frame at instructables.com.

8. Keep slugs & snails at bay

If you’ve got plants that slugs and snails like to hang out by, then sprinkle some crumbled egg shells around the base of the plant. The sharp edges of the shells will be an undesirable path and they should choose other easier options – more EGGercise for them!

9. For indoor plants

Are your house plants looking a little droopy? Collect egg shells to use as organic food for them all. Head to homeTalk.com to find out how to do it. Now you won’t need to SHELL out on special food for them!

10. Drain cleaner

If you’ve got some crushed eggshells lying around, sprinkle some into your sink strainer. You’ll be helping to trap bits of food and when they do break down and go into your sink, they’ll make an EGGceptional pipe cleaner.

11. Seed bombs

These seed bombs would make the perfect gift to give at Easter or for someone who fancies a bit of guerilla gardening. You don’t need much to create these EGGciting things! Follow the easy instructions thanks to our article How To: Make A Seed Bomb And Transform Your Local Community

12. Laundry whitener

If you’re looking for a natural way to keep your whites white, then put a few clean, dry shells with some lemon into a small, closed muslin bag and chuck it in with your wash.

13. Pot cleaner

If you’ve run out of steel wool, then grab a handful of broken eggshells to help scrub pots and pans. It’s an amazing abrasive, so mix it with soapy water for a great clean.

14. Decorations

These egg decorations are such a pretty way to decorate your home for Easter without filling your sideboards with bunnies and chicks. Head over to crafts.tutsplusc.com for more details.

15. Shadow lamp

Get creative with this neat idea from instructables.com. Using vinegar and paint, you can create your very own shadow lamp!

Found more ways to use eggshells here

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