5 Essential Tools to Increase Profits for Small Farmers

Author: Kevin Hill  •  Date: November 8, 2016  •  Appears in: Farmers

5 Essential Tools to Increase Profits for Small Farmers

Do you have these 5 tools that are guaranteed to increase your profits?

Long gone are the days when you had to do manual labor on your farm. Machines and tools have made it much easier, faster and efficient. However, they are expensive and you need to weigh in on a number of factors before deciding which machinery you need on the farm. Let us look at some equipment you must have if you have a small farm.

Essential Equipment for Small Farmers

-           Compact Tractor

This equipment helps in cultivating crops and herding the livestock. Through the years, it has undergone a number of technological development that enables you to execute a number of different tasks. If you own a small farm, a compact tractor utility ranging from 15kw to 50Kw will fulfill your requirements. You will get a number of features, which are also found in larger tractors, that ensure that you can carry out any farm job efficiently.

-           Harvesting Equipment

With harvesting equipment, farmers can harvest about 150 acres per day. Without them, farmers would end up wasting a lot of time and labor. Harvesting equipment includes combine, forage, potato, beet and flax harvesters. It is essential that the machine is equipped with tools that are specific to each farmer and his farm. If the equipment is too expensive for you to buy, rent it out or buy a used harvester, but make sure you have it on your farm.

-           Tractor Implements

Just having a compact tractor will do you no good. Fitting it with the right attachments will help you accomplish a number of tasks. When you select the right implements, you add versatility and flexibility to your tractor. Some of the popular front or rear-mounted implements include loaders, mowers, sprayers, tillers, seeders, hay balers, manure spreaders, truck scales, etc. Ensure that you only buy those implements that match your tractor in size so that it can be operated at its optimum speed.

-           Pick-Up Truck

A pick-up truck allows you to commute, transfer farm loads and carry out other tasks quickly. Though it is not a replacement to a tractor, it is a must-have equipment as it allows you get into the farm or out into the woods easily and quickly. Determine which common jobs need a truck, whether you plan to use it everyday just for work or for family transportation as well, the number of people riding the truck, etc., before you invest in it.

-           Livestock Equipment

This includes everything you need for managing your livestock efficiently, such as shelter, food and water supplies, transport options, etc. Livestock trailers are absolutely necessary so that you move your animals easily from one location to another. Fencing is also equipment you must consider to ensure that your livestock is kept safe and that they don’t wander away. Include livestock scales, feeder platforms, feed buckets, hay racks and range feeders.

Other important equipment includes sprayer, field cultivator, cutter and shredders, binders, rotary tillers, skid loader, harrow, planters and seeders, huller and plow. Never underestimate the importance of scales in farming. Remember that the right tools will help you achieve optimized farming operations.

Do not get carried away and end up investing in tools that are too small or too big, either of which will be rendered useless. Make sure you understand and evaluate your farming and business needs, and compare all the options available to you before making a purchase.

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