5 Ways to Create Your Green Outdoor Sanctuary

Author: Riya Sander  •  Date: September 27, 2016  •  Appears in: News

5 Ways to Create Your Green Outdoor Sanctuary

Plastic, patio chairs and an old, bonfire pit might dot your backyard patio, but they aren't the epitome of an outdoor sanctuary. In fact, you want to create a patio or yard that's an extension of the living room. When you want to tackle this challenge, it's time to look for creative ideas that work well for the environment. Green ideas to craft your outdoor sanctuary are possible with these tips in mind.

Capture Rainwater

Water is one of the most expensive parts of owning or renting a home. Offset those costs by capturing rainwater with a collection system. This system doesn't have to be the centerpiece of your yard either. Channels can rest along your home's roofline with a collection area resting in a concealed corner. Use this water to hydrate your plants and lawn. You might also use it as a substitute for dish or laundry water too.

An indirect benefit of a capture system is the sound of flowing water. Instead of installing a fountain, allow the capture system to offer you the sound of relaxing water. This soothing sound will lull you to sleep at night.

Store It Away

Part of being green is keeping all of your yard items stored away in a safe place. Soils, fertilizers and other bagged items won't have a chance at breaking and harming the environment as a result. The best solution to your storage needs is backyard sheds. If you don't know how to build a small shed, you can always follow along with a how-to video or simply hire professionals. There are experts who can design a shed that will fit all of your needs. Discuss your personal viewpoint on the yard's design, and a shed can be built in little time.


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Enclose It

Whether you live in a rural area or a densely populated urban retreat, your yard should be a private area. Property-line fences don't always create the privacy that you want so look for more creative ways to enclose the space. Installing patio covers and gazebos might be an option, but they can be expensive. As an alternative, look for recycled materials, such as hemp cloth. These materials can be sewn and installed on a frame that encloses a patio area. It's necessary to remove them as stormy weather arrives, but this fact will only encourage you to care for the patio even more than before.

Plant Smart

A green way to enhance the outdoor retreat is by planting trees in specific areas. Both trees and bushes can block the hot sun during the summer while offering a warm retreat during the winter. Deciduous trees tend to offer the best versatility. Plant these trees along the southern side of the property. With spring leaves, the trees will shade your yard into summer. As autumn arrives, the leaves will fall so that you can warm the patio area for those nighttime visits to the outdoors. You might consider evergreen plants located on the north side of the property too. They'll keep their leaves or needles throughout the year as they block any incoming winds. Plants that shade the yard will only reduce your need for fans and air conditioning as you move between the patio and household interior.

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Encourage Beneficial Insects

Perform some research on the native plants in your area. Compare them to the insects that they attract, such as bees and ladybugs. You want insects in your garden because they become green solutions to bothersome microorganisms. Wasps will eat the mealy bugs off of your plant leaves, and you won't have to spray everything with pesticide. Butterflies and bees can pollinate your flowers as fruits and vegetables continue to thrive. Your outdoor retreat can be an eco-friendly place as visitors enjoy the flora and fauna. Place chairs and tables slightly away from the insect action so that everyone enjoys the view.

Don't feel overwhelmed by your patio's current appearance. Start out with simple garden decoration ideas to get a feel for the space. Add in an herb garden or fountain as a first step. As the space changes, your mind will come up with unique additions that only improve the home. A green, outdoor space is possible in time with creative thinking and personal effort.

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