7 Habits of Fit People

Author: Kelly Lehmann  •  Date: June 6, 2014  •  Appears in: Community, News

7 Habits of Fit People

There is no magic bullet to being fit and healthy. It is hard work and consistency that is needed to achieve fitness and weight goals. It is definitely easier to know these habits right from the start, but better late than never!

1. Fit people never diet. Being healthy is what you do, day in and day out, for an entire lifetime. There are no juice fast, low carb, low fat, cheat days. There are no fads and there is no groundbreaking research on a magic pill.  Just healthy eating for a lifetime.

2. Fit people eat regularly and in sufficient amounts. Three meals plus a snack or two. They eat mindfully- listening to their bodies to know if they need more or less of something.

3. Fit people plan and prepare their meals. Most meals are taken from home.

4. They live actively. This is above and beyond a daily workout. Pace while on the phone, stand at the back during meetings, take a walk after supper. Every little bit adds up.

5. They care where their food comes from.  A fit person won’t randomly eat anything. They read labels, they ask questions at restaurants and they plan ahead for indulgences.

6. Fit people will indulge occasionally and they don’t use food as a reward.  That’s what holidays are about (birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving).  The next day they are back to eating healthy foods in reasonable portions.

7. They eat vegetables and fruit. Most meals and snacks are built around antioxidant-rich, fibre-rich, low calorie fruits and vegetables.

It isn’t always easy, but the rewards are worth it. Try adopting some of these habits for yourself.

Kelly Lehmann


Kelly is a Registered Dietitian in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She does consultations both in person locally, and online across the country - www.okanaganrd.com. She blogs about food, cooking, family, fitness and balancing it all (as best as I can!) - www.okanaganrd.blogspot.ca.
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