8 Facts About Apples

Author: Luann Pouliquen  •  Date: October 20, 2016  •  Appears in: Community, Recipe

8 Facts About Apples

October 21 is apple day ! Great occasion for us to tell you more about this fruit. We bet you did'nt know about the 8 following facts: 

1. An Apple tree takes four to five years to grow their first fruit.
2. At room temperature, an apple ripes six to 10 times faster than if they are refrigerated.
3. Apple varieties range in size from a little larger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit.
4. The largest apple ever picked weighed 3 pounds.
5. More than 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States, but the only one native to North America is the Crabapple.
6. Apples are a good source of fiber and contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol.
7. In average an apple tree can fill 200 boxes of 42 pounds each.
8. Creating one gallon of apple cider takes about 36 apples. 

But apples alos do the best deserts and can be eaten in many different ways. We have selected 3 video tutorials of original recipes with apples to inspire you. 

 -> Rose and Custard Apple Tart Recipe : 

-> Apple French Toast Roll-Ups Recipe

-> Apple Salad Fall Recipe

Looking for local apple ? Search for some in your area by clicking here ! 


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