Every day should be Earth Day

Author: Laura Lushington  •  Date: April 22, 2014  •  Appears in: Community, Farmers, News

Every day should be Earth Day

Once a year on April 22, the world gathers to celebrate Earth Day. While it’s important to have this day focused on the environment, we should be taking small steps every day to support our planet.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by knowing where your food and drink comes from. Whether you’re using Soil Mate to connect with local farmers and vendors in your area or simply Googling the companies that make your food, you’re making a conscious effort to connect to your community near and far.

I have gone through this activity a few times, both academically and just because I was curious. The results are shocking. If you’re not talking to the producers face to face, your food is going through processes you might not know about — both good and bad.

One day, I typed thegreenery.com into my web browser to learn more about the origins of the package of red, yellow and orange peppers I had purchased. The label said a company out of Philadelphia called The Greenery had imported my peppers from Mexico. Needless to say, I was completely confused when the website brought me to page written completely in Dutch. The Greenery, I found out after switching to the English version, is a company based in the Netherlands who help organize the shipment of fruits and vegetables around the world.

I would never have known this if I hadn’t taken the minute to type in the address to where my peppers came from. While I was slightly mortified that I had bought out of season peppers delivered all the way from Mexico, I was glad I had done this bit of research and could now talk about the journey my peppers had been on.

Case in point — We shouldn’t be afraid to ask daily questions about where our food and drink comes from. Most likely, the producer is going to be really proud of the pepper, banana or berry he or she produced and want to talk about it, because good food comes from good people.  

A version of this post first appeared online for the Calgary Journal. http://www.calgaryjournal.ca/index.php/living/800-part-2-where-does-our-food-come-from

Laura Lushington


Calling Calgary home for all of her life, Laura is a graduate of Mount Royal University's Journalism program and a freelance writer. Spending her childhood knee deep in cookies, ice cream and her Babcia’s Nanaimo bars, Laura’s palate has only recently expanded. She prefers baking to cooking, and can often be found putting muffins into the oven at midnight. In addition to being Culinaire magazine's digital media editor, her work has also appeared in Avenue (Calgary), Vitamin Daily, Eat North and notable.ca.
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