Farmer Spotlight: Fresh Valley Farms

Author: Sophie Beaudoin  •  Date: October 16, 2014  •  Appears in: Community, Farmers

Farmer Spotlight: Fresh Valley Farms

For over 90 years, Fresh Valley Farms has produced natural and humane beef, pork and poultry and grows, stores, mills and blends almost all their own feed right on the farm. This allows them to know exactly what is in their final product, reduce their carbon footprint and operate as a sustainable farm. Not only does Fresh Valley Farms strive to leave the land in better condition than they found it, they believe in raising their animals with respect and dignity. Their beef is raised on pasture and mountain side forest, their chickens are raised on pasture in the warm months and a spacious, heated and ventilated barn when it cools and their pork is raised on pasture and forested habitat where they can root for bugs, have a mud bath and burrow in the hillside to stay warm.

Fun fact: Fresh Valley Farms is run by three generations of farmers! Martin, 86, Tony, 55 and Steve, 31.

Where in the world are they? Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada

What in the world do they grow? Beef, chicken, lamb and pork.

Find out more about Fresh Valley Farms.

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