Farmer Spotlight: Grassroots Farm, LLC

Author: Sophie Beaudoin  •  Date: October 18, 2014  •  Appears in: Community, Farmers

Farmer Spotlight: Grassroots Farm, LLC

Lindsey Carpenter and her mother Gail own and operate certified organic Grassroots Farm, LLC in the “swiss cheese capital of the USA” and grow or produce pretty much everything you could imagine (other than swiss cheese)!

On just 40 acres, they grow over 75 varieties of vegetables, fruit, and fresh herbs along with humanely raised pork, eggs, chicken, turkey, goose, beef and lamb. Oh and honey. They even have a young hopyard and apple orchard!

Surrounded by big agriculture, Lindsey and Gail are determined to run what they call a “new family farm”; a farm that takes inspiration from those in the area 100 years ago and remains small, diverse and closed circuit.

Fun fact: Grassroots Farm LLC offers a summer Fresh Cut Flower CSA so your home can enjoy fresh flowers all summer long (even the flowers are organic!).

Where in the world are they? Monroe, Wisconsin, USA

What in the world do they grow? Vegetables, fruits, herbs, pork, eggs, chicken, turkey, goose, beef, lamb and honey.

Find out more about Grassroots Farm, LLC.

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