Farmer Spotlight: The Homestead Organic Farm

Author: Sophie Beaudoin  •  Date: October 6, 2014  •  Appears in: Community, Farmers

Farmer Spotlight: The Homestead Organic Farm

Joe and Jessica Klein have been growing organic veggies, herbs and fruit for a highly successful CSA program, the Penticton Farmers’ Market, grocery stores and local chefs for thirty years. Little did we know, they were also the founding members of the Penticton Farmers’ Market! In 2011, Jordan and Vanessa arrived at the farm and now work alongside Joe and Jessica to help manage the farm and run an organic market garden. Before arriving at the farm, Jordan and Vanessa took a season-long bicycle tour of farms in Oregon, California and Eastern Canada!

Fun fact: Jordan helps promote the CSA and Home Delivery programs through quirky and fun YouTube videos. Watch him compare and taste test farm grown vs store bought raw onions! 

Where in the world are they? Peachland, British Columbia, Canada

What in the world do they grow? Organic veggies, herbs, fruit and hay for those horses and cows with a discerning palate.

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