Farming With Kids

Author: Jordan Marr  •  Date: May 26, 2016  •  Appears in: Farmers

Farming With Kids

Farming is hard work. It is long days pulling weeds to make enough room for vegetables to grow, checking on them to make sure that they are picked at just the right time, etc. And every day is different depending on the weather. The work is consistent and inconsitent at the same time. Now add kids in the mix! How do farmers with children do it?

Have a listen to this podcast from the Ruminant, where four farmers share their tips for staying sane when you add kids to an already hectic lifestyle.

Jordan Marr


Jordan Marr is an organic veggie grower and a podcaster in Peachland, British Columbia. His podcast, The Ruminant, is for people who care about how food ends up on our tables. It vacillates between a broad view of food politics, culture, and security, and a much more narrow focus on the practical aspects of farming and gardening. Jordan also blogs at
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