Future Food Trends to Watch in 2017

Author: Riya Sander  •  Date: November 23, 2016  •  Appears in: News

Future Food Trends to Watch in 2017

The fast food industry is changing. Most customers want to purchase healthy snacks from restaurants and healthy vending machines. Healthy foods are more expensive, but many customers are willing to spend their money on pricier menu items. In the restaurant industry, restaurants are changing their menus. Small business owners are purchasing healthy vending machines.

Healthy Eating Trends

- Healthy foods are replacing cheap foods. A few years ago, companies spent millions of dollars promoting dollar menu items. Now, consumers want to purchase healthy items.

- In the next few years, there will be more healthy foods at restaurants. In the past, fewer calories and more vitamins defined nutrition. The definition has changed, and nutrition is a complicated topic.

- Before social media, restaurants promoted bland salads. With the advent of social media, customers began to question the chemicals in fast food. Many customers are leery of the chemicals in cheap foods.

- Several bad reviews can destroy a restaurant's reputation, so companies are eager to fix a serious problem. Chipotle is the perfect example of a company that promotes natural food. The company has banned GMOs. McDonald's will not inject their chicken with antibiotics.

- Restaurants want to offer their customers healthy options, but the new menu options will be more expensive than the dollar items. Most fast food restaurants have a value menu for inexpensive items.

- Companies are also combining several inexpensive offerings. The offerings are a combination of value menu items.

Automated and Mobile Ordering

- In the near future, automated and mobile ordering will be commonplace in restaurants. Most restaurants have a mobile ordering service. When customers use the mobile app, the company can collect important data.

- Mobile ordering also raises the average bill. The orders are sent directly to the kitchen. The mobile ordering process can eliminate the middleman.

- Automated ordering is still a new technology. Most restaurants are not using automated kiosks. As online ordering becomes more popular, more restaurants will use tablets. Tablets will be integrated into the fast food ordering experience. Restaurants will need fewer employees, and they will save money on labor costs.

Most Customers Prefer Snacks

- Customers want more snacks. Several restaurants offer breakfast items all day, but most customers do not want to purchase full meals.

- Snacking was taboo 10 years ago. A decade ago, most customers purchased the expensive menu options.

- The snacking culture is great for Starbucks. The company recently added more food options to their menu. At fast food restaurants, snack items will boost sales.

- Some fast food restaurants are offering snacks that are unlike the traditional menu items. If the breakfast menu becomes saturated, more companies will introduce new snacks.

Expanding Delivery Service

- Fast food restaurants are delivering food to homes and offices. Fast food delivery is still a relatively new service. Some customers are using the delivery service, but most customers do not want to pay a delivery fee. Fast food delivery will be a mainstream service in the future.

Vending Machine Franchises

-  Vending machine franchises are offering healthy foods. If you want to operate a healthy vending machine, you have to find a great location. First, you need to contact the business owner. When you speak with the business owner, you should find out how much space is available. The rental fees will depend on the type of vending machine.

-  Vending machine franchises are offering healthy foods. If you want to operate a healthy vending machine, you have to find a great location. First,

-  A snack machine will use a large amount of space. Compare and contrast the rental rates with other companies in the surrounding area. You should choose a location that has a lot of foot traffic. Next, you should calculate your potential profit. A great location is worth the higher rental fees. You can place more vending machines in a popular area. The additional machines can offset the higher fees.

Healthy vending machines are outpacing traditional vending machines. Healthy eating is not a fad. It is a way of life for the health-conscious public.

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