He Started With Some Boxes, 60 Days Later, The Neighbors Could Not Believe What He Built

Author: Soil Mate  •  Date: July 3, 2016  •  Appears in: Community

He Started With Some Boxes, 60 Days Later, The Neighbors Could Not Believe What He Built

This homeowner observed his boring green lawn, and he started to ask himself, “so what’s the point?” Although it looked nice, it gave him no satisfaction. It was a lot of work to keep too. So he decided to try something else. Check out what he did next.

Everything started with a series of wooden boxes.

Since the city was giving away compost for free, he got some and that’s what you see in the boxes.

Support systems started coming up as the seeds began sprouting.

For this guy, the hardest part was developing the irrigation system.

Cinder blocks and wood chips fill in the rest of the lawn.

The arugula came first.

Then spinach was the next to arrive.

Beautiful beets brought some color.

Everything’s coming up radishes.

Here’s a whole wreath of carrots, pulled from this man’s lawn.

Yes peas.

There was so much yield, the guy had to give away some of his vegetables.

Some good-looking green onions.

The green of these beans is perfect.

What a lovely bunch of tomatillos.

Big and beautiful cucumbers.

Just one of a whole peck of peppers.

One tomato down, five more to go.

As an added bonus, he noticed beautiful flowers blossom before squash grows.


Of course, a few planted flowers never hurt either.

Cinder blocks are perfect for growing herbs.

Feast your eyes on this!

Source: www.trueactivist.com

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