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Author: Matt Gomez  •  Date: May 4, 2015  •  Appears in: Community, News, Recipe

Healthy Recipes when you are struggling to make ends meat

Healthy eating from locally sourced growers is all good and well. But what about when you are struggling financial? Healthy, wholesome meals seems out of reach, with cheap calories a more cost effective option. Well we have a solution. An awesome collaboration between the Penticton Salvation Army Food Bank and Valley First/Feed the Valley lead to the production of a new range of cookbooks for families struggling to make ends meat.

It uses real food and cost effective ingredients and shows you how you can use them to create healthy meals for your family, on a tight budget. Two series of five little nutrition guide books teaching how to nourish ourselves well on a limited income  were created and are now distributed freely at the food bank….They are called “Food For All – the Legume Series”. The series includes: Red Beans, White Beans, Lentils and Split Peas, Novelty Beans and Legumes and Grains and Food For All-Vegetable Series” cookbooks.  The series includes: Beet, Eggplant, Kale, Summer Squash, Winter Squash.

These little books are awesome. They provide a bunch of information on the ingredients, and work year round.

Soil Mate, in partnership with Valley First and Feed the Valley are giving you access to all of these cookbooks free. To download them, and get started with cheap, healthy meals, click here.

Happy Cooking. Let us know in the comments or through social media how you found the recipes.

Matt Gomez


Matt is the founder of Soil Mate. Driven by a desire to feed his young family real, whole and local food, Matt found there were no convenient ways to source all his local products, so left his career in online marketing and strategy to start Soil Mate.
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