No Outdoor Space? No Problem, You Can Put A Nanofarm In Your Kitchen

Author: Soil Mate  •  Date: February 21, 2019  •  Appears in: News

No Outdoor Space? No Problem, You Can Put A Nanofarm In Your Kitchen

This is the solution for people without garden space or a green thumb to maintain produce.

Replantable is the producer of the Nanofarm, a product described as the “first appliance that grows food for you,” and we are all ears. The Nanofarm is a hands-off, indoor-growing device that grows fresh produce year-round for those who don’t have the time or space to garden.

The modular farm allows people with different needs to build their farm to their liking, whether that means only having one unit on the counter that grows herbs or putting together a whole wall of units to sustain an entire family.

LED lights, Plant Pads, and water trays come together to form this remarkable, self-sustaining farm. The Plant Pads are soil-free, pre-seeded paper and fabric pads that contain the nutrients needed for each plant, and each pad is seeded differently to accommodate the growing patterns of the particular plant.

The pads are placed on top of the water tray, where they wick up water as needed during the growing cycle, so that the owner of the farm doesn’t even need to worry about watering the produce.

During harvesting time, the user can harvest their crops, wash the tray, grate, and splash guard (which are all dishwasher-friendly) and use new Plant Pads to get started on another batch. Each Plant Pad is only $5, and can be ordered as needed or using a subscription plan.

The focus on simplicity in this new product cannot be understated. In other indoor-growing systems, the high-tech products often require pairing with an app to check progress or maintenance of a watering system with pumps.

This Nanofarm only has two buttons: the weeks dial and the start button. You select the number of weeks for growing (the Plant Pad tells you how many weeks) and press start. The “harvest” light comes on when the plant is ready for consumption.

Even the use of energy is minimum, as the electricity needed to fuel the units only amounts to about one dollar per month. The ventilation system is “whisper quiet” and vents oxygen-rich air into the living space.

Other awesome features include organic seeds, tinted doors to minimize lighting that leaks into the room, and sturdy materials used to construct the unit so it will last for a long time. Since many products these days are built to fail in order to encourage continuous purchasing of a product, this feature alone is very important.

Nanofarm is a great idea for those that have no outdoor space and want to garden or for those who simply have no time or interest in caring for plants traditionally only to maybe yield some crops. This is a sure-fire way to grow organic produce that is free of bacteria or pests, no matter where you live.

This product is currently in its development stages, with beta testing already completed and changes made to the farms, so you can back it on Kickstarter to help make it into a reality for consumers everywhere.

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