Podcast: Organic Ag In The 21st Century

Author: Jordan Marr  •  Date: June 10, 2016  •  Appears in: Farmers, News

Podcast: Organic Ag In The 21st Century

Can organic agriculture feed the world? A recent paper in Nature: Plants suggests that as a farming system, it scores better than conventional farming systems on many key indicators of sustainability. This, say the paper's authors, suggests organic systems should be playing a larger role in world food production than it currently is.

In this episode, of the Ruminant, Jordan Marr speaks with Jonathan Wachtel, co-author of the study. They talk about sustainability metrics, current barriers to the expansion of organic systems, and why we shouldn't assume that organic farming alone can feed the world. Have a listen!

Below is the graphic described in the video

Courtesy of: John P. Reganold and Jonathan M. Wachter and Nature Plants.


Jordan Marr


Jordan Marr is an organic veggie grower and a podcaster in Peachland, British Columbia. His podcast, The Ruminant, is for people who care about how food ends up on our tables. It vacillates between a broad view of food politics, culture, and security, and a much more narrow focus on the practical aspects of farming and gardening. Jordan also blogs at theruminant.ca.
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