Podcast: Your Weeds Are Trying To Tell You Something

Author: Jordan Marr  •  Date: June 27, 2016  •  Appears in: Community, Farmers

Podcast: Your Weeds Are Trying To Tell You Something

Jordan Marr from the Ruminant speaks with Jay McCaman who has spent many years observing  and cataloguing the weeds on his and his clients' farms.  Over time he's observed the soil types, conditions, and nutrient levels of the countless fields he's worked with and has come up with, well, sort of a grand unifying theory of weeds - and what they're telling us about our soil. Jay has written a few versions of his book on the topic, but the only one currently availble for sale is called, simply, When Weeds Talk. Have a listen!

Jordan Marr


Jordan Marr is an organic veggie grower and a podcaster in Peachland, British Columbia. His podcast, The Ruminant, is for people who care about how food ends up on our tables. It vacillates between a broad view of food politics, culture, and security, and a much more narrow focus on the practical aspects of farming and gardening. Jordan also blogs at theruminant.ca.
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