Socially Conscious Comfort Food...Yes Please!

Author: Soil Mate  •  Date: September 18, 2014  •  Appears in: Community, Farmers, News

Socially Conscious Comfort Food...Yes Please!

They say you are what you eat. What if you could change a life with what you ordered?

A brand new, first of its kind, food company launched today in Kelowna, BC, Canada.  This new streetside vendor serves killer comfort food from bicycle-towed carts, using biodegradable materials and packaging while helping organizations raise desperately needed funds and creating jobs for the marginalized. They also donate 20% of profits to food programs for children.

Their philosophy is simple; give a man a meal – he eats for a day; Teach a man to cook – he eats for a lifetime.

 Give a man a meal – he eats for a day; Teach a man to cook – he eats for a lifetime

Culinary Ink partners with non-profit organizations to help them start their own social ventures with the goal of reducing their need for government funding and inconsistent donations, while also creating jobs for marginalized members of their community. These individuals will gain basic culinary skills and certifications, which can help transition them into meaningful careers and turn their lives around.

The menu looks amazing (and tastes it too, I’ve tried it). They have launched with a single bike, with plans to add another 5 in their local community by Spring. The plan is to take this concept national, into the US, with further plans for Europe in the future.

To learn more about this amazing new business visit

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