The Story of An Egg

Author: Matt Gomez  •  Date: August 16, 2014  •  Appears in: Community

The Story of An Egg

Another great video from the Lexicon of Sustainability. It's 6 minutes, but worth a watch to learn the true ‘Story of An Egg’. At Soil Mate, we believe in buying ours direct from our local raisers. Use Soil Mate to find yours.

Matt Gomez


Matt is the founder of Soil Mate. Driven by a desire to feed his young family real, whole and local food, Matt found there were no convenient ways to source all his local products, so left his career in online marketing and strategy to start Soil Mate.
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Good Day!

I love the words Pature Raised.  We just got our Chickens a week ago and they love it here at Spapium Farm.  They live in a well insulated Chicken House that people comment they could live in it is so well built.  We just got our first dozen eggs.  Our Sulmtalar Chickens are 'a rare breed that dates back to the 1400's from Styrian region of Austria.  They enjoy our apple trees shade and have lots of good food to eat on our land. 


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