We Have A Winner

Author: Matt Gomez  •  Date: August 13, 2014  •  Appears in: Community, Farmers, News, Recipe

We Have A Winner

Well our contest ran for 4 weeks, and we received thousands of entries. The lure of farm fresh produce produced entries from 43 states and provinces across North America.

You told us your reasons for buying local and we learnt what’s important to you as food buyers.

Overwhelmingly the biggest driver for buying local from those that entered was a desire to support their local community.

Why do you buy local?

We asked you why you buy local, and these where the responses we recieved.

Supports Community 43%

Tastes Better 18%

Fresher 12%

More Nutritious 10%

Trust Your Farmer 9%

Distance Food Travels 5%

Feel Safer 3%

Other 1%

Contest Winners

We have collated that information, and had our computers draw one grand prize winner, and four runner up winners. The grand prize as you know is a years free farm produce. The runner up prize is a $50 gift card for your local farmers market.

Grand Prize Winner – One Years Free Farm Produce

Lynda Rae Llewellyn – Penticton, British Columbia

Runner Up Prize Winners - $50 Farmers Market Gift Card

Jennifer MacKenzie – Buckhorn, Ontatio

Paige Wyatt – Victoria, British Columbia

Joan Selig – Davenport, Florida

Brett Godin – Kelowna, British Columbia

More contests…

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Matt Gomez


Matt is the founder of Soil Mate. Driven by a desire to feed his young family real, whole and local food, Matt found there were no convenient ways to source all his local products, so left his career in online marketing and strategy to start Soil Mate.
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