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Author: Rochelle Minagawa  •  Date: June 13, 2016  •  Appears in: Community, News

What’s All The Hype About Fermented Foods Anyways?

Throughout the history of time we’ve seen our fair share of food, fashion and fitness trends.  They come and they go. Fermentation is a food trend we’re seeing come back that actually goes back thousands of years. What used to be a necessary part of food culture and preservation has been replaced with technological advances and pasteurization. People have abandoned fermentation for quicker food preparation methods and as we’ve moved to quicker food prep methods, we’ve cut time but we’ve also cut down the full benefits of our food and the amount of nutrients we’re getting out of them.

Fermentation revival

Bread, cheese, yogurt and wine are all foods that have fermented their way to deliciousness.  You’re probably familiar with some other popular ferments like sauerkraut, kimchi, soya sauce and miso, but did you know that you can basically ferment anything?! Vegetables, legumes, grains and even fish can be fermented into pastes, condiments, curries and pickles.

There’s a good reason they’re coming back and here’s a few reasons why they should stick around.

Good for the Gut

Fermented foods contain natural probiotics.  You may have taken a probiotic pill before, but fermented foods are another way to get natural probiotics plus all the vitamins and minerals that are already in the food you’re fermenting.  They’re full of good bacteria and help colonize the gut to keep the bad bacteria out.

Better digestion

When you eat your food, your body takes out the good stuff while it’s digesting. But if your digestive system is out of balance you can be eating all the right things and taking all the right supplements but your body isn’t necessarily able to access it. Fermentation pre-digests your food for you. It’s kind of like a mother bird pre-eating the food for her baby birds. Fermentation is kind of like that mother bird.

Saves You Money

Fermenting food at home is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your health. Most foods can be fermented with salt or sugar. Fermenting foods in season when they cost less also allows you to eat them out of season when they cost more.

These immune boosting super foods are not only good for our body and wallets, but they bring us back to the basics.

They taste good! For some, fermented foods are an acquired taste, but the tangy zing of fermented foods adds a flavour kick to any meal.

Whether you’re buying them or making them, incorporate more of these immune boosting super foods into your diet. 

Rochelle Minagawa


I am Rochelle Minagawa and I'm a Master Fermentista and co-founder of MotherLove Ferments. Growing up my mom would always feed us food from the garden and baking from scratch. I didn't think it was fun at the time but later on spurred me to have a closer connection with my food and now I ferment everything from kombucha and kefir to kraut and kvass. I help people along their fermentation journey and make a really good batch of kombucha.
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