What's in season? December

Author: Luann Pouliquen  •  Date: December 22, 2018  •  Appears in: News

What's in season? December

Nothing test better than eating fruits and vegetables at the peak of their season. It tests delicious but it also has many other environmental and economical perks, as you can see in our previous article about seasonal eating.

But it is not easy to track what is in season when, depending on where you are located. Our ''what's in season?" guide is here to help you enjoy what December has best to offer. 

Leeks, Winter squash, Beets ...  You can't go wrong with the 13 produces shown behind, no matter where you are located in North America. 

But for more precise information on what is in season depending on where you live in North America, we recommend you to have a look at the following guides: 

- USA: www.sustainabletable.org, which allows you to search what is in season in your state month by month. 

- Canada : The seasonal guide. 

- Herbs: When Are They In Season? 

Want to find some of these seasonal produces in your area ? Search them on Soilmate.com ! 


Luann Pouliquen


Luann is in charge of Soil Mate's social medias. She is passionate about environmental sustainability, Green tech, food security matters, travel and, as any French person, good cheeses.
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