Where Does Your Food Come From?

Author: Kyla Schnellert  •  Date: January 1, 2017  •  Appears in: Farmers

Where Does Your Food Come From?

There is more interest in food now than ever before, yet, no one is talking about the people who pick our food, the hundreds of thousands of hard working individuals to whom we are all connected through our purchases at supermarkets, farmers' markets and restaurants.

Chosen as the winner of the 2014 Social Impact Film Award, "Food Chains" reveals the human cost in our food supply and the complicity of large buyers of produce like fast food and supermarkets. if you'd like to learn more about what, and who, is behind the food in your fridge, this is a great place to start.

Kyla Schnellert


Kyla is the social gal behind Soilmate's social media. She's passionate about good food, lavender in all of it's forms, and makes a pretty decent batch of kombucha!
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