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Author: Serina Penner  •  Date: December 9, 2014

Canning Squash

Every year I cache away too much winter squash. I always have such high hopes! “I will make soup after soup” I say; but I never make as many as I dreamed I would. The good news is that canning is always an option. Almost any squas...

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Author: Sophie Beaudoin  •  Date: December 8, 2014

Food Miles

Food travels an average of 1500 miles to your plate, but most of these fruits travel a lot further. However, almost all of them can be found locally at some point during the year. Choosing local can also mea...

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Author: Sophie Beaudoin  •  Date: December 6, 2014

Food Waste

Can you believe that 40% of the food that's grown, distributed and bought in the US never gets eaten? I bet the numbers are not much better here in Canada. Find out what people are doing to change this, including gleaners, food rescues an...

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Author: Sophie Beaudoin  •  Date: December 4, 2014

Why Eat Local?

Food travels 1500 miles on average to reach your plate. Here Michael Pollan tells us why eating local is so important not only for our health and our farmers, but for climate change too. ...

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Author: Keegan Sheridan  •  Date: December 4, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Asks “What is Gluten?”

When it comes to nutrition and diets, our society is so reductionistic about what’s “good” and what’s “bad” that we sometimes lose context for the reasons and science behind our choices. Gluten is a classic...

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Author: Kelly Lehmann  •  Date: November 19, 2014

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is dark and cloudy. In the cold weather, and bundled up in puffy clothes it is easy to think putting on a few pounds and eating extra junk food is okay. But refined carbohydrates, sugar and greasy foods can make us feel sluggish and ev...

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