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Author: Serina Penner  •  Date: September 26, 2014

Fall into Composting this Season

Knowing when to compost isn't easy... We generally only think about adding nutrients to our soil in the spring, when things begin life again and we are antsy to kick start a new growing season. This is a mistake; the best time...

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Author: Paynter's Fruit Market  •  Date: September 19, 2014

The Salsa Basic

Salsa can mean a great deal of fantastic things. Not only is it one of the worlds greatest dances, it is a sauce that knows no bounds. You can make salsa from green tomatoes, tomatillos, roma tomatoes, field tomatoes, and even peaches. The ad...

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Author: Kelly Lehmann  •  Date: August 21, 2014

The Truth About Organic Foods

A recent meta-analysis (1) of 343 peer reviewed publications should finally settle the debate on whether organic foods are healthier for you. The review found higher levels of antioxidants (such as phenolic acids, flavanones, stilbenes, flavo...

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Author: Matt Gomez  •  Date: August 17, 2014

Food Wastage Footprint

Some interesting information and tips from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN on the food waste footprint we have. ...

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Author: Matt Gomez  •  Date: August 16, 2014

The Story of An Egg

Another great video from the Lexicon of Sustainability. It's 6 minutes, but worth a watch to learn the true ‘Story of An Egg’. At Soil Mate, we believe in buying ours direct from our local raisers. Use Soil Mate to find yours....

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Author: Matt Gomez  •  Date: August 13, 2014

We Have A Winner

Well our contest ran for 4 weeks, and we received thousands of entries. The lure of farm fresh produce produced entries from 43 states and provinces across North America. You told us your reasons for buying local and we learnt ...

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Author: Matt Gomez  •  Date: August 5, 2014

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

An amazing way to reduce the food waste we don’t even see. The fruits and vegetables that are usually too ‘ugly’ to be sold! As someone who grows many of my own vegetables, I can say that  fruits and vegetables are just...

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Author: Kelly Lehmann  •  Date: July 3, 2014

Put down the protein

Most North Americans eat more than enough protein. Think about it, have you ever heard someone say “My heart attack was caused by too little protein?” “The doctor says I’m overweight because I don’t get enough pr...

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Author: Kelly Lehmann  •  Date: June 6, 2014

7 Habits of Fit People

There is no magic bullet to being fit and healthy. It is hard work and consistency that is needed to achieve fitness and weight goals. It is definitely easier to know these habits right from the start, but better late than never! 1....

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