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Author: Romina Rooney  •  Date: October 24, 2016

The Food Activist

To Patricia Guest, food is a way of life. For over 25 years she has owned a variety of businesses that have all been centred around food. She has been a farmer, a B&B owner/operator, and her latest venture is restaurant...

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Author: Luann Pouliquen  •  Date: October 20, 2016

8 Facts About Apples

October 21 is apple day ! Great occasion for us to tell you more about this fruit. We bet you did'nt know about the 8 following facts:  1. An Apple tree takes four to five years to grow their first fruit. 2. At room ...

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Author: Aaron Goldfarb  •  Date: October 18, 2016

How to Start a Beer Cellar at Home

Whether with a wine rack or liquor cabinet, most drinkers like to store bottles of their favorite alcoholic beverages in their house, able to be opened at a moment’s notice. Yet for some reason, beer has always been neglected as a produ...

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