Down Home Farms

5100 CR 123
Mt GIlead, OH
Down Home Farms

Down Home Farms

Down Home Farms
5100 CR 123, Mt GIlead, OH, 43338 419-571-7408 Email Farm

Down Home Farms

We raise Belted Galloway cattle for meat and for breeding, as well as chickens (eggs and meat) and pigs (pork). While the cattle eat only grass, our chickens are free range and also fed a non-GMO feed, while the pigs are supplemented with a grain feed mix that is soy free. We have various products for purchase at different times of the year. Contact us for details.

Where you can find our products

We sell only from the farm. Please contact us at for more information and availability. You can also check out our Facebook page where we updated when we have different items available.


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