Tips for sharing Soil Mate with your vendors

Yourself and your vendors are busy people. We have done our best to try and make Soil Mate as simple as possible to use, this also includes as easy as possible to share.

Its so important to have your vendors on Soil Mate, as consumers can use the vendors information to find your market as well as their farms. Site users can search not only be location, hours and growing practices, but by specific products. But for your market to show in those search results, your vendors need a profile and it be linked to your markets page. This is all done by the vendor/farmer and works for them whether they sell at one market or forty, whether they sell CSA's or do farm gate sales too. Soil Mate is flexible, easy and free.

Below you will find some tips, tricks and examples of easy ways to expand your market reach to your vendors to populate your market.


The easiest, time effective way of communicating is simply sending an email to your vendors. Below is an example of what other markets have sent to their farmers to get them onto Soil Mate. Feel free to copy and paste it for your vendors.

“Dear [Farm/Vendor]

We are excited to announce our latest upgrade in marketing, we have joined Soil Mate has created a central location for consumers to find local farmers, markets, wineries and other producers. This is a free service for us and for you. Please take a few minutes to register your farm on it, it only takes 15 minutes to set up a farm/producer profile and you can link your products to our market.

We know there are many 'farm directory' options out there for you, but Soil Mate goes beyond them all in functionality, scale and community impact, with a social mission as strong as their platform.

Soil Mate allows you too

  • Tell Your Story
  • Show where you sell, including linking to the markets you sell at
  • If you do farm gate sales, show hours of operations and dynamically create directions for consumers
  • Show what you grow/raise/produce and when its in season

Those are the basic pieces, but beyond that you can feed in your social media, post your blogs, list CSA's, sell individual products online, list events, accommodations, restaurants, careers.

Soil Mate makes finding local produce, incredibly convinent and then has programs rolling out to incentivize consumers for looking for, finding and purchasing more local products.

To see their tips on setting up a profile, go to

Creating a profile is straightforward, and guides you through the process, even giving you how to videos as you fill it in. Remember as a seller at our market to add us as a market you at sell (along with any others you attend to).

To create a profile now (its free and takes 15 minutes) go to

The also run online workshops 3 times a week, where you can learn about Soil Mate and even create your profile as you watch them explain it. Simply visit their site and register for a workshop. They are an hour long, and you’ll have a profile and better understanding after it. Go to to register.

If you have any questions on Soil Mate, reach out to them direct at They are a small, passionate team, and love helping

Board Meetings

We understand that running a market can be a lot of work and you may have a board. This is a great area to talk about Soil Mate and the benefits of being a part of it. To be clear, we want you to stay on your existing sites and memberships, our site will actually link to them, but we are trying to have one central spot where consumers can find you.

  • Soil Mate will keep the site updated and functional. It leverages the latest technology, so that it provides an optimized experience on every device (computer, laptop, tablet, phone).
  • Dynamic mapping allows consumers to find your market and get directions to any of your farms or markets. They can even build trips to multiple farms, markets and wineries and get directions for driving, cycling and walking.
  • Anyone searching your market will be brought to directly where it is, when it is and what they can expect to find there
  • Calendar of events is available for you to put up special events
  • Google optimization. Soil Mate is already showing on page one of Google for many results, including searches for individual markets. The Soil Mate team left highly successful careers in online marketing to leverage their skills to help local agriculture. As such search engine optimization, social media marketing, web technology and customer conversion are our areas of expertise.

Social Media

Of course one of the easiest ways to tell people where to find you and get your farms to sign up is your social media. You can post you’re a link to your Soil Mate profile. Share Soil Mate content from our social channels and blog. And of course, you can feed your own social media into your Soil Mate profile.