5 Tips for creating your Brewery profile

People want to know more about your Brewery and Beers!

It's incredibly straight forward to create your Soil Mate Profile. It can be as small or large as you want, but below are the 5 key things you should do.

1. Tell Your Story

People care. They want to understand who you are, where you came from and your values. Understand the history and ethos. Share as little or as much as you like.

2. Add Your Beers

Users can filter for breweries by the type of beers produced. In order to be found by what you produce, you have to add your beers. As with all of Soil Mate, provide as little or as much information as your choose.

3. Show Where You Sell

Whether it's through your own tasting room, local stores, markets or even restaurants, show where people can find your products. 

If you have your own tasting room, be sure to add place your map marker accurately and fill out the opening times. This will allow users to add your brewery to 'My Route' and build trip and tours to include your location.

4. Connect Your Social Media

Connect your Soil Mate profile to your favorite Social Media platforms. The more buzz you can generate, the more traffic you will see.

5. Tell Your Friends!

Tell your fellow breweries, local food and drink community and customers about Soil Mate. Help us grow and influence more local and tourism purchases in our communities.


These are the top 5 tips. You can clearly expand your profiles further by adding blogs, events, restaurant and accommodation info and career info. Soil Mate can be as little or as much as you choose.