Who Can Join Soil Mate?

Soil Mate currently has 8 different profile types in its system: Farm, Farmers’ Market, Restaurant, Store, Brewery, Winery, Drink (distilleries, juice manufacturers, etc.) and Association. All can be linked together so that distribution methods, memberships, and supply chains can be transparent and useful to consumers.

Within Soil Mate, profiles can be as small or large as you want. There are various tools you can use if you want, it’s up to you and what suits your own operation. You can have a basic listing, or a complete website within Soil Mate. Profiles are easy to create and update as Soil Mate went through extensive testing and focus groups with farmers and other listing types to make sure that a) the system is easy to use and b) the information required is possible to provide. Soil Mate provides the information a consumer actually needs to be able to make a convenient, local decision, while being quick, easy, and convenient for local producers to use.

Within Soil Mate Profiles you can do a variety of things. You pick and choose which options you wish to use.

To create your Soil Mate Profile, CLICK HERE>