Why should your winery join Soil Mate?

Firstly, why aren't you on Soil Mate yet?

Never heard of us? Think we are just for farms? Think there are too many 'local directories' to sign up to? All of these?

Well soilmate.com is North Americas fastest growing food and drink website focused on local and craft producers. We launched in May 2014 with farms and farmers markets, allowing people to find out who grow, raises and produces what within a 100 miles of wherever they are in North America. Think Trip Advisor or Tinder for local food and drink! Within less than 6 months we were operating in every state and province in North America with thousands of listings and thousands of people using Soil Mate to search for their local farmers. The metrics were insane, average 15 minutes on site, average 21 pages viewed each visit. We are rocking it, and we are listening to the people using the site. Based on that feedback we just expanded the site out. 

"But this still sounds like its for farmers, why should I bother signing?"

Well, based on user feedback, or massive visitor engagement and having a kick ass platform, we have just expanded the site out to include stores, restaurants, breweries, distilleries and...wait for it...wineries.

Soil Mate now fully covers the local food and drink economy. So should you be there so you can be found by local purveyors of wine...well of course. But there is more. Soil Mate has a pretty awesome trip builder called 'My Route'. This allows users to build trips to any listing that is open to the public. So they can build full agri-tourism trips, farm tours, wine tours, and beer tours...or combine them all. My Route is currently being used by locals and tourists across North America, and wineries can now leverage it to be included in the trips already being planned, along with people planning wine tours!

So how much does this cost?! Well, frankly, not much. Soil Mate generates revenue in a variety of ways, which allows it to keep subscription costs super low. What is the rate? All right we'll get to it. Just $43.75 per month on a rolling contract, or save even more and sign up for $350 for the year, which works out to under $30 a month. Told you it was cheap. Oh, and we give a percentage of that away to non profits and charities too. Yup, we're good like that, we genuinely care about supporting those working on local food and drink security in your community.

So in summary, for the equivalent of less than $30 a month you can list on North Americas fasts growing food and drink website. Worst case scenario, you brand appeared in front of thousands of concious consumer eyeballs but with no immediate sales and you've wasted $350 on marketing that didn't work (tried print marketing recently...zing). Best case, you drive new local customers, new tourist customers and help build a genuinely caring system and community for finding local food and drink, a system that puts local, small producers at its core.

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But what is Soil Mate?

Literally thousands of searches are happening for local food and drink in your area. Soil Mate allows consumers to find who grows, raises and produces what in their area, how they do it, when its available and where and how they can buy it. Simple.
We are not the first to attempt it, 'directories' exist today. However Soil Mate is different in many ways.

  • It encompasses the whole local movement- we support farms, farmers' markets, local supporting restaurants, wineries, breweries and other local drink producers. Consumers of one are often consumers of all. They value story, values and quality over price. They want to support local and do the same when they travel. The whole local food and drink economy can now exist on Soil Mate.
  • We are across North America and a growing brand for finding local products. Soil Mate launched in May 2014, and within 6 months had grown across every state and province in North America through word of mouth alone. Thousands of local minded consumers are already searching through the site daily, and thousands of listings are added each month.
  • We spoke to consumers to determine the feature set and information people actually want access to if they were to buy more local products and support local purchases. Convenience is key for consumers, and we've built it to be easy.
  • Soil Mate was started and built by online marketing experts, who know exactly how to market local producers and supporters online.
  • Soil Mate is fully mobile optimized to work on every device now and in the future. It also includes an advanced trip builder that lets you build driving, cycling and walking tours to your business.
  • Soil Mate gives back. A percentage of the subscription fee's is donated back into local communities to fund programs supporting local food and drink security education.

There is no downside, no catch and low risk. Your investment is very small and it takes 15-30 minutes to set up your profile. There is is a bunch of features you can add to your profile all at no extra cost. If we drive you a pile more business it'll be the best 15 minutes and $350 you spent. If we drive you no business you'll have had branding exposure to thousands of users for just $350, making its worst case a more cost effective marketing spend than most magazines, websites and radio. Not much of a risk huh?

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